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Welcome to our beautiful hotel Burgschänke located in Kaiserslautern Hohenecken near Ramstein Airbase

Enjoy a delicious meal, cosy atmosphere and first class service. We provide comfortable & modern rooms, a great celebration hall, and a nice beergarden - only to list a few aspects of our wide selection.


!!!Outdoor seating allowed without test.
For inside you need a test or a vaccination evidence !!!

The menu you will find below

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Please do approach our service team with any questions or concerns - they are happy to help you.

No Day Off


Asparagus menu


Asparagus-cream soup 6

White Asparagus with Hollandaise & Potatoes

- with cooked ham 22

- with grilled salmon filet 25

- with Wiener schnitzel (veal) 24

- with pork schnitzel 23

- with small rumpsteak 26

- with filet steak 34

- simply Asparagus 19

    -„homemade stylein a cream sauce

in pancake 20

- peaces in a cream sauce overbaked 20

with cheese



Truffle soup ( preperation 20 minutes) 6,50

Fishsoup 5

Onionsoup 4,50

Garlicsoup 4,50

Tomato soup with feta cheese 4,50

Salmon with Ratatouille, sauce Hollandaise and noodles 19

Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (pork) with salad from and french fries 12,50

Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (veal) with salad and french fries 14,50

ORIGINAL Wiener Schnitzel Veal with cappers, anchovies, 17,50
lemon and cucumber and potato salad

Jägerschnitzel (mushroom gravy) with salad and french fries 13,50

Munich Schnitzel breaded with sweet mustard and horseraddish,
french fries and salad 14,50

Parmesan Schnitzel with noodles and salad 14,50

Chicken breast baked with cheese,
tomatosauce, hash browns
& salad 14,50

Rumpsteak „Palatine“ roasted onions, salad and fried potatoes 23

Rumpsteak „Madagaskar“ Cream-sauce with whole peppercorns,

french fries and salad 23

Rumpsteak „Garlic“ garlic sauce, fried potatoes and salad 23

Rack of Lamb with garlic sauce, for one person 23
potato gratin and ratatouille vegetables Platter for 2 pers. 46

Filetsteak of beef with Béarnaise sauce, for one person 27
vegetables and hash browns
Platter for 2 pers. 54

Palatines favorites pig stomach, Bratwurst, Blutw., for one person 14
Leberw., sauerkraut, mashed potatoes Platter for 2 pers. 26

Two Palatine Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and potato mash 12

Pancake filled with vegetables, Feta cheese and tomatosauce 12

Stuffed Zucchini with feta, tomatosauce and noodles 12

Homemade cheesy Spätzle with onions 12

Caesarsalad with/without chicken 14/12


Express Lunch 12 €

monday - friday 12 am - 14 pm

  • Baked fish fillet with potato salad
  • "Schnitzel Huners style" with mushrooms and french fries
  • Garliccreamschnitzel with french fries
  • Parmesanschnitzel with noodles
  • Pancake filles with Ratatouille vegetables

Salad from the salad bar included
Each lunch option includes bread with spread and free water

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Hotel Restaurant Burgschänke
Schloßstraße 1
67661 Kaiserslautern/Hohenecken

Opening Hours Hotel

weekday 6 am
weekend/public holiday at 07.00 am
nonstop warm kitchen
12 am to 9 pm (no day off)

Wheelchair entry to the restaurant through the garage.

The Appartmenthouse has an elevator available.
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